Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Sheldons video Ref

here is my video ref.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Sheldons Inquiry

I think my create was very good I think it will make alot of people change there was about global warming. it had good footage and pictures of what we are doing wrong and good recordings of my findings it had to take 5min to load but it was worth it,
I think the recordings were to soft and hard to hear.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

The All Blacks Should Have Won

You might be wondering why the all blacks lost the world cup?
Me personly thinks that the all blacks got Ripped off by the Ref you may think the Ref made a few bad calls but I think the Ref Is a blind man and I think he is a bit dumb as well what I think is happening is he is getting paid to make the all blacks get out of the world cup for 2007.

Theres another thing I think the all blacks lost the world cup while the Super 14 was on the coach of the all blacks said I think the all black sould skip out the Super 14 because they might get hurt.” I mean come on they don’t need to miss out! They are not Little kids.As you can see doing that did not help the All blacks in any way it only made them get weaker.

The bad calls form the Ref are there was a ford pass and it gave them the game away and everone agrees with me and the switching of players they had 5min to go and dan carter got hurt and coulden’t kick the wining drop goal but that wasen’t the main problem The Ref was!!!

But most of the time it was the Refs falt the whole of the france team was offside and he diden’t even give a penalty.

After the game Dan Carter and the all blacks team were crying because of the Ref I really think the Ref needs a big fine lets face it the Ref is an Idot and he is an was a insult to Nz and other places close to Nz.

By Sheldon Aubrey

Monday, 12 November 2007

My gym award.

This is my gym award my favorate bit was jumping into the pit it was really fun and we can learn cool jumps too.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Sheldons key comp Ref

dream maker because I have achived alot this year like i came first in my race for athlecics and I am self motivated because I Like to lean new things.

Team player I have played fair in my sports Like rugby and cricket and in games in the class like skipping and others.

Thinker I think before I do things and I listen very well

I am very createive because I am very good at makeing up stuff up and i am very poetic

I am very Respectfull i treat my friends with respect

I am a risk taker because I like to do new things and if i dont want to do things I still do them.

I am a meaning maker because I make sence all the time

I am a futurest because I like to make thinges happen in the future

I am a goal seter because I make my goals with detail

I am motiveated because I am ready for school

Friday, 12 October 2007

Sheldons term4 goal

My goal for term4 is to try and drink allot more water when in at school and at home I should try and drink 1-2 bottles a day. I will know I have ac hived this goal when I Drink allot more drinking!! and when I dont get that many migrainsraine's and I get to like to drink water all day long and I will monitor this goal by how many water I bottles I drink a day I am aiming to drink one bottle of water or moreso thats my goal for term4

by Sheldon aubrey

sheldons goals for term4

My goal for term4 is to get more improvement in my writing like full stops and comer's ext
I can measure this goal by looking back at my writing and see the improvement. I can see the improvement in my writing by looking at the details and the spelling and grammar and the good produce of the outcome of the writing.

I know I will achieve this goal when I see the inpovement in my writing

By Sheldon Aubrey